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Remember When

By silvereeb, 2015-05-02

Remember when back in the day, big guys were in style.  This was around the time of Heavy D and the Boys and the Fat Boys.  It was cool to be big.  When you looked at their videos, they were on point.  That weight didn't stop them from jammin to their songs.  It even got me excited just looking at them because they had so much energy.  After looking at the videos, they weren't that big, though.

Here are two blasts from the past

Overweight Lover - Heavy D

Fat Boys - Fat Boys


Can you think of any other big artists back in the day that were good artists?

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The Bridge Summit
About The Bridge Summit

ABOUT:  The Bridge Hip Hop Summit and Award Show is a multicultural artist development and entertainment platform that brings together all the elements of hip hop (emcee, djs, beatboxers, producers, graffiti artists, and breakdancers) in one space.  The summit consists of three days, which includes panels, interactive workshops, showcases, cyphers, battles, comedy, special guest performances, mixtape performances, the hip hop experience, live radio remotes, interviews, black carpet, and award ceremony. There will be a diverse set of panelists and workshop facilitators attending and participants ranging from A&Rs, publicists, lawyers, legendary emcees, legendary breakdancers, and more.  


The award show component recognizes independents and pays homage to old school and new school artists, leaders, businesses, industry professionals, and hip hop arts talent who have shaped and influenced hip hop culture in a positive way.



VISION:  To provide a positive platform for independents, up and coming young artists, and industry leaders to receive recognition for their contribution to the entertainment and arts industry. 


MISSION:  To bridge the gap between generations, genres of entertainment, independents and celebrities, and hip hop and education.The objective is to provide a forum in which artists and entertainers of all the elements of hip hop can interact through various forums and events conducted during the 3-day weekend.  It is our goal to restore the positive face of hip hop culture and arts through our outlet and secondary function, The Bridge Positive Hip Hop Movement.

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