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By silvereeb, 2015-08-14

YGEA Awards, Sep 27 in Atlanta

Nominations are in and it's time to vote for the best, talented artists representing the hip hop culture.  They can do it by themselves, so  support your local artists from over the world and submit your vote at  Catgories include, but not limited to:  lyricist of the year, battle rapper, b-boy crew, b-boy dj, hip hop magazine, dj record pool, etc.  Let's get it and cast your vote NOW!  Click here for ticket information,The Bridge Hip Hop Summit & YGEA Awards Passes

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Artist Opportunities

By silvereeb, 2015-07-09
Artist Opportunities


Don't miss out on the opportunities availalbe to participate in The Bridge Hip Hop Summit & Award Show weekend in Atlanta, September 24-27.  The weekend consists of:  comedy competition, hip hop fashion show, showcase concert, summit, battles/cyphers, outreach, and award show.  



  • Position on The Bridge Summit Mixtape (mixtape exposure to djs, A&Rs, and radio program directors)
  • Mixtape distribution through Orchard Sony (worldwide)
  • Mixtape played on The Bridge Internet Radio Station (royalty paying)
  • 1 year free Platinum Membership with The Bridge Summit online hip hop community with membership perks
  • 1 pass to summit
  • 1 pass to Award Show


  • Showcase concert performance
  • 1 year free Platinum Membership with The Bridge Summit online hip hop community with membership perks
  • 1 weekend pass to all events
  • Black carpet picture/interview access at Award Show


  • Position in cypher (video footage distributed through Vevo, YouTube, iTunes, and other video distribution platforms via Orchard Sony)
  • Web banner or video placement on website
  • 1 year Platinum Membership with The Bridge Summit online hip hop community with membership perks
  • 1 weekend pass to all events
  • Black carpet picture/interview access at Award Show


  • Showcase concert performance
  • Web Banner or video placement on website
  • Product placement in summit's gift bags to attendees (cds, flyers, etc.)
  • Radio spins on The Bridge Internet Radio Station (royalty playing)
  • 1 year Platinum Membership with The Bridge Summit online hip hop community with membership perks
  • 2 weekend passes to all events
  • Black carpet picture/interview access at Award Show
In addition to above benefits for Package D, one showcase performer will be selected to receive:

  • studio time
  • distribution deal
  • radio spins
  • photo shoot


For details, contact 770-580-3658 OR log unto the website at


The Bridge Hip Hop Summit is an event for 1 Status Inc., nonprofit organization, and payments are tax deductible




2015 YGEA Awards Nominations

By silvereeb, 2015-07-07
2015 YGEA Awards Nominations

What's going on, fam?

You have less than 8 days left to get your nominations in for the 2015 Bridge Hip Hop Summit & YGEA Awards weekend in Atlanta, GA (Sep 24-27).  Recognize your local hip hop stars in emceeing, djing, producing, beatboxing, breaking, fashion design, graffiti arts, and many more categories.  Go to to submit your nominations.

Hip Hop Etiquette

By silvereeb, 2015-06-06
Hip Hop Etiquette

Sometimes I wonder what's really going on in the world, especially in the entertainment industry as it pertains to the "so called" black people. I scratch my at how some rappers talk, what they talk about in their songs, and even their negative behavior that's displayed in videos and public.  As melaninated people, we are far too intelligent and talented to act in a manner that's destructive.  Do you think our rappers need to take hip hop etiquette classes? I'm not calling any names, but you all know who I'm talking about.  Dag, I'm just saying!  


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YGEA Awards Nominations

By silvereeb, 2015-05-28
YGEA Awards Nominations

It's going down in Atlanta, Sep 24-27. Support your local hip hop artists by nominating them to receive an award for their talents and handwork. Nominations can be from any state or country and can be submitted at


Part II - Children are impressionable

By silvereeb, 2015-05-19
Part II - Children are impressionable

This is another video of babies emulating what they see in hip-hop; however, these are asian babies.  So cute!.  At least, they are not running around the house with toy guns playing bang, bang, and shoot 'em up.  Well, at least not in this video.

Children Are So Impressionable

By silvereeb, 2015-05-19
Children Are So Impressionable

This video is evidence that children at a very young age are impressionable and emulate what they hear and see.  Look at this two year old boy rapping with his dad.  This is so cute.  Soooooooo, it's important to guard your youngins from negative influences because it molds them to what they are going to be when they group up and become teenagers, young adults,.......

The Next Generation of Stars

By silvereeb, 2015-05-18
The Next Generation of Stars

We have to recognize people who are in the community working with the youth in a positive light.  I'm a big hip hop fan and love when I see the youth embracing the culture.  This is a video of youth (female and male) breakdancing.  Big ups to Honey Rockwell out of Georgia.

The Next Generation of Stars

By silvereeb, 2015-05-16
The Next Generation of Stars

This is how we train up our next generation of stars....Check out this little girl rapping, djing, and performing.  Straight old school.  There is hope for Hip Hop.  Big up to DJ Glo for what he is doing with the youth and hip hop.


Shaking My Head.....Little Girls Dance Battle

When you look at this video, you might get mixed feelings about the content.  Personally, I think it's a shame that our little girls are dancing like this, and to make matters worst, you have grown people on the sideline condoning this type of dancing for little girls.  Pole dancers in the making....SMH.  This is not what we should be teaching our young ladies.  

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Dad Beats His Daughter's.......

By silvereeb, 2015-05-13

Look at this video of a dad disciplining his 13 year old daugther.  Obviously, she was acting inappropriately, but do you think he went too far by calling her names or do you think that 'name calling' comes with a butt whooping? Take note, he does use a belt and not his hand.


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Little Boys Battling

By silvereeb, 2015-05-10

This video is of two kids battling.  It's kind of cute because they are learning the art of dancing and expressing themselves in the process.  Even though, battling by dancing can include body language that's offensive, do you all think it's a good way for our youth to express themselves?  Do you think it can lead to aggressive behavior?

The Game and Young Thug's Beef

By silvereeb, 2015-05-06

OMG!  What is going on with these artists?  Why is everyone beefing hard?  Do you think The Game is too old for this type of behavior?  And why is he taking up for Wayne?  This situation is unbelievable.....grown men acting like little boys.  And Young Thug got the nerve to have his croney in the background in his video clip with a gun.  Dumb!!! This is definitely not hip hop, to say the least.

Remember When

By silvereeb, 2015-05-02

Remember when back in the day, big guys were in style.  This was around the time of Heavy D and the Boys and the Fat Boys.  It was cool to be big.  When you looked at their videos, they were on point.  That weight didn't stop them from jammin to their songs.  It even got me excited just looking at them because they had so much energy.  After looking at the videos, they weren't that big, though.

Here are two blasts from the past

Overweight Lover - Heavy D

Fat Boys - Fat Boys


Can you think of any other big artists back in the day that were good artists?

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Song Review: Young Thug - Knocked Off

By silvereeb, 2015-04-22
Song Review:  Young Thug - Knocked Off

Um....Well, another famous Atlanta rapper talking about knocking women off, getting money, and being strapped.  I guess that's all we have to talk about and look forward to now-a-days.  The beat to this song is nice. The delivery is.......same ole, same ole.  Nothing new.  Nuff said.

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Who's Got Beef?

By silvereeb, 2015-04-17
Who's Got Beef?

Remember back in the day when brothers had beef with each other and they settled it in the streets with breakdancing battles or emcee battles?  I used to be in the hallways of my high school battling every rapper I could find.  Rapping was about who had the tightest lines and crafty wordplay and breaking was about who had the best power moves.  Hip Hop was truly in its prime.  Here's a snippet from one of the hip hop movies from the past.


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By silvereeb, 2015-04-11

What were you doing when this came out?

U.N.I.T.Y. - by Queen Latifah

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Remember When

By silvereeb, 2015-04-10

What were you doing when this song came out?


Good Ole Days

By silvereeb, 2015-04-09
Good Ole Days

I was just sitting here thinking about the good ole days when I was using tape cassettes to record my favorite songs on the radio. I couldn't wait to hear certain songs being played.  I was frantic when the tape ran out of space.  So, of course, I balled up some paper and stuck it in the opening slots on the tape cassette and started recording over music already on the tape.  Because I didn't know that the song was going to be played (as well as others), I only caught half of the song AND was satisfied with that.

Those were the days!


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Where My Ladies At?

By silvereeb, 2015-04-08

What happen to our real females in hip hop?  It's like they vanished off the face of the earth.  We had some cold female rappers back in the day:  Roxanne Shante, Sparky D, Rah Digga, Da Brat, Eve, and let's not forget, Lady of Rage.  This industry is missing females.  One person should not be able to monopolize the industry.  I'm not mentioning any names.

Nonetheless, here's a blast from the past:  Afro Puff by Lady of Rage

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The Bridge Hip Hop Summit

By silvereeb, 2015-04-07

The Bridge Hip Hop Summit & Award Show will encompass panels, artist development workshops, battles, cyphers, live art, showcases, and award show. We invite artists, lovers of hip hop, and/or businesses to get involved. Nominations are being accepted for 40 hip hop arts categories. Performance opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and affiliate/partnership opportunities are available! For more information, visit the website at or call 770.580.3658.

Don't miss this epic event.  Sign up TODAY!

DMX Done Did It Again

By silvereeb, 2015-04-10

What's going on with Earl?  For some reason, he can't stay out of trouble.  He's my man and I love his music, but he have got to get it right, for his fans, at least.  Word on the street is that your boy, DMX, and his entourage robbed a fan for $3,200 cash at gun point.  I know the struggle is real, but DAMN!  Tell me it ain't so.  He must like going to jail.

Well, he's definitely living the lifestyle of his music.


Check us out at:

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Straight Out of Compton The Movie

By silvereeb, 2015-04-07

Straight outta compton, a crazy mother **cka named Ice Cube.....

OMG!  Straight Outta Compton The Movie is coming out.  I'm not a movie goer, but I am not going to miss this.  It will be interesting to see how the actors play the roles of Eazy E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre.  I hope the movie will be good.  If nothing else, I know we are bound to reflect on the West Coast music of the 90s with the legendary NWA.  

Check out the trailer


The Bridgesummits hottest

By thebridgesummit, 2015-04-06

This is the hottest records on the


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i am the man

By thebridgesummit, 2015-04-06

bozo d clown

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Welcome To The Bridge Summit

By thebridgesummit, 2014-11-10
Welcome The First 50 Artists are free stay in touch..Silveree B.
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The Bridge Summit
Quiénes The Bridge Summit

ABOUT:  The Bridge Hip Hop Summit and Award Show is a multicultural artist development and entertainment platform that brings together all the elements of hip hop (emcee, djs, beatboxers, producers, graffiti artists, and breakdancers) in one space.  The summit consists of three days, which includes panels, interactive workshops, showcases, cyphers, battles, comedy, special guest performances, mixtape performances, the hip hop experience, live radio remotes, interviews, black carpet, and award ceremony. There will be a diverse set of panelists and workshop facilitators attending and participants ranging from A&Rs, publicists, lawyers, legendary emcees, legendary breakdancers, and more.  


The award show component recognizes independents and pays homage to old school and new school artists, leaders, businesses, industry professionals, and hip hop arts talent who have shaped and influenced hip hop culture in a positive way.



VISION:  To provide a positive platform for independents, up and coming young artists, and industry leaders to receive recognition for their contribution to the entertainment and arts industry. 


MISSION:  To bridge the gap between generations, genres of entertainment, independents and celebrities, and hip hop and education.The objective is to provide a forum in which artists and entertainers of all the elements of hip hop can interact through various forums and events conducted during the 3-day weekend.  It is our goal to restore the positive face of hip hop culture and arts through our outlet and secondary function, The Bridge Positive Hip Hop Movement.

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