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Round 1 - Roxanne Shante' vs. Sparky Dee

Category: Music
Duration: 00:06:21
Two great emcees going head to head in this classic recorded battle from 1985. Roxanne Shante's off the top of her head freestyle ability is incredible here. No pre-written nor ghost. Sparky Dee is no joke! Pioneer battle emcee, and that's male or female. FYI- ROUND 2: goes down in june: http://www.myspace.com/round2atl
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Sparky, born Doreen Broadnax, grew up in the Bronx, NYC.

Sparky first recorded with Brooklyn crew The Playgirls who were on Sutra records.

In 1984, Sparky appeared in a cameo on her boyfriend Spyder D’s “Placin the Beat” on Profile.

Her first solo effort was “Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne You’re Through)” on NIA records produced Spyder D. This was one of the first answer records in the infamous “Roxanne Wars” of the mid-80’s, and the first one to be aimed squarely at Roxanne Shante.

1985 saw a vinyl showdown with Roxanne Shante which included tracks called “The Battle” (against her old crew The Playgirls, produced by Spyder D) which appeared in 3 mixes and “Roxanne’s Revenge”.

Also in 1985, she cut a track called “He’s My DJ” b/w “She’s So Def”  with Kool DJ Red Alert.

In 1987 she released “Throwdown” and “Sparky’s Back” both produced by Spyder D for B-Boy records

Sparky also released an album on B-Boy in 1988 which was called “Sparky D’s world” in the UK but titled “This is Sparky D’s World” in the US.

She was also able to overcome some drug problems and was able to get her life back on the right path.

In 1991 she made an appearance alongside Grandmaster Caz on Malcolm McClaren and The World Famous Supreme Team Show’s album on the record “Opera House”.

Having lived a life of many changes in 2007 she found herself back at the top again to receiving the 2007 Gospel Choice Awards, for the song “This is for the church.”

In February 2008 Sparky appeared on Stir it Up, a TV show hosted by Vonnie Battles , shown on JCTV, the worlds largest religious television network.